The Mickey Mouse will be at SCS Store

April 18, 2014 0 By SCS


SCS has reserved limited number of this popular brand new Disney coins for our customers. It will be available at our online store very soon. Stay tuned.

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Without doubt one of the biggest names in entertainment history, Disney has been making movies for over 90 years. Founded in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, it was just five years later on 18 November 1928 at the Colony Theatre in New York that it gave birth to its most popular creation, Mickey Mouse. The New Zealand Mint are marking the anniversary with the first in a new range of gold and silver coins and after only a few hours on sale, they’re selling out fast at both the NZ Mint and the Perth Mint.

Officially debuting in the animated feature film Steamboat Willie, it was the third of Mickey’s films to be produced, but was the first to be distributed. The cartoon is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse, and his girlfriend Minnie, despite both the characters appearing several months earlier in a test screening of Plane Crazy.